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Our Team

Jacinta McDonald B.Pharm (Syd. Uni)
B.Sc (Syd. Uni)  Dip Applied Science (Nursing)
Pharmacist & Proprietor

I am blessed to have an incredible team of health care professionals including:

David McDonald - Retired Pharmacist and team mentor

Joseph Bacha - Pharmacist and Manager

Alyce Cauchi - Professional Services Pharmacist

Shweta Kumar - Pharmacist

Neville Ziade - Pharmacist

Danielle Shirley - Pharmacist & Herbalist

Ash Edwards - HMR Pharmacist 

Heather Adams - Retail Manager and Buyer

Lizzi Michel - Dispensary Technician and Lice Clinic Manager

Sarah Price - Pharmacy assistant and DAA packer

Kate McLellan - Pharmacy student

Ariel Belger - Junior Pharmacy Assistant

Charlotte Doyle - Junior Pharmacy Assistant

Sophia Doyle - Junior Pharmacy Assistant

Amelia Cressey - Pharmacy Assistant


(02) 9144 5905

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